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Brand Overview

Founded in 2005, 'Anat & Nicole' is a creative collaboration between designers Anat McKenzie and Nicole Riedweg. Their unique collection is a visually stunning and provocative reflection of their personality and passion to create a range of items of attainable luxury and effortless glamour for both men and women. Their pieces retain a timeless elegance alongside an innovative and trend setting touch demonstrating their acute awareness of new cultural influences and their inspired artisan skills. Designed from their London Studio then produced and exclusively hand-made in Vienna, Austria their exquisite collection will appeal to the discerning man and woman who recognise quality and originality.

The Collection

'Anat & Nicole' create and produce only signature limited edition pieces of no more than 20 items per design. The collection includes clutches, purses, belts and calfs, all perfected and hand-finished in their London Studio with final individual embellishments to create an item that is both contemporary and luxurious – a personal and delightful treasure to be cherished for a lifetime.

All of the pieces are highly crafted using only the highest quality materials ranging from plush exotic skins and leathers, hand painted python, embossed snake prints on cowhide alongside the softest lamb skin and the most desirable element of pony skin, which appears on the central flap of the signature 'Anat & Nicole' party clutch.


Anat is a graduate of Bezalel, Isreal's leading academy of Art & Design and one of the most prestigious academies in the world. Nicole studied Footwear Design & Making in the renowned Bally of Switzerland, the luxury brand synonymous with high quality style, exclusive design and absolute elegance.

Anat and Nicole met whilst they were both studying at the prestigious Cordwainers College, London. Their shared passion and desire to create a range of tailored accessories that would bridge the gap between high end luxury and everyday functionality lead to the creation of the 'Anat & Nicole' brand in 2005.

Originally they designed and produced only for an exclusive group of private clients. However, their uncompromising philosophy of creating functional but beautiful and luxurious pieces using only the finest materials meant their audience of admirers grew quickly. They launched their first full collection in 2007.

'Anat & Nicole' combine traditional techniques with contemporary design and the finest materials to create items in a style that is both light and practical. Their trademark is to create pieces that enhance and pronounce the unique individuality and personality of their customers – strong, independent and confident.

They draw inspiration from their well travelled and cosmopolitan backgrounds as well as the diverse and multi-cultural melting pot that is London and of course, the people they meet every day.

A Note on our Exotic Leather

'Anat & Nicole' Materials are selected both for their aesthetic beauty and their superior ageing qualities. Python is super soft to the touch and as it is very resilient, it only gets better with age. The scales of python leather open naturally over time, becoming even softer and more shaped to the item it adorns, meaning it can be enjoyed over the years and passed down through the generations. The subtle shades of colour and mood that characterise python make it even more irresistible.

'Anat & Nicole' use only genuine leather, fine quality and carefully selected hides – Limited Edition exotic leather products CITES certificated (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered species of Wild fauna and flora).